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Leverage Systems to Build & Grow Your Passive Wealth

A step-by-step blueprint to rapidly grow your passive income to $10,000 per month.

How do I know you want $10k/month? Well it's the amount that all my clients state as their goal when we first start working together. They want it to use cashflow to take off more days from work? Or better yet quit their job? But they don't know where to start.

The Passive Wealth Operating System. This is where we hack the traditional financial game & supercharge your wealth-building strategy  to get to $10,000 per month passive income. 

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Foreclosure Acquisition System


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Go From Frustrated to Building & Growing Your Passive Wealth

The Passive Wealth Operating System. This is where we hack the traditional financial game with minimalistic, high-impact tactics. It's a 10-unit powerhouse, laser-focused on delivering you the most bang for your buck... or your minutes, in this case.

Through this meticulously curated curriculum, and I cover things that took me over two decades to learn. You’ll unravel the psychological barriers that hinder financial success, decode the language of money, craft your investment strategy, and foster a community that boost your financial knowledge.

Regardless of your prior experience, this course is your compass guiding you on your expedition to $10,000 per month in passive wealth.

Ready to take the red pill?💊 Let’s dive into the rabbit hole.

Vision Board

The most important step in any business is to figure out the destination. Develop your goals through your vision to build your investment process and passive wealth journey 


Step by step templates to guide the most novice or advance investor through due diligence, investment decisions and ways to leverage your income. 

Action Items

Streamlined system for creating an actionable investment plan  and a clear strategy and action plan to get define your next steps and track your performance.

You do not rise to the level of your goals.

You fall to the level of your systems.

- James Clear

The Full Curriculum


A streamlined 10-unit course, less than 30 minutes daily to complete.


Unit 1: Laying the Foundation

  • Introduction - $10,000 per month (Hero’s Journey)
  • Financial Lessons They Never Taught You
  • My Personal Journey - Discovery of Passive Wealth
  • The FAST & FAR Formula: Confronting Limiting Beliefs
  • Wealthy > Rich

Unit 2: The Money Mindset Revolution

  • Psychology of Money
  • Vivid Vision (Personal/Business)
  • The 10 Cashflow Principles
  • Speculator vs. Investor
  • Real-Life Success Stories: From Corporate Grind to World Traveler

Unit 3: Mastering the Language of Money

  • Money: The True Story of Made of a Made Up Thing
  • Don’t Sound Like a Noob
  • Understanding Key Terms in Private Deals & Private Equity
  • What Makes a Good Cashflow Deal?

Unit 4: Earn More to Invest More

  • The Secret Why Most People Don’t Become Millionaires
  • Live Like You’re Poor to Stay Rich (Budget)
  • Side Hustle to Passive Wealth
  • Every Dollar Has a Job - Tracking with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Ai, Automations, Outsourcing, and Tools

Unit 5: Your Passive Wealth Machine

  • Discover the Number One Tool to Skyrocket Your Wealth
  • Develop Your Investment Thesis & Framework
  • Wealthy Framework - 4 pillars
  • Defining Your Investment Niche and Creating Your Investor Profile

Unit 6: Analyzing Deals - The Art of Due Diligence

  • Crafting Your Investment Summary
  • The 80/20 Rule in Deal Analysis
  • Dave Ramsey is Wrong: Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
  • Using Debt to Your Advantage
  • Back of Envelope Analysis

Unit 7: The Wealth Multiplier Hack

  • Leverage the 8th Wonder of the World
  • Tax Strategies for Investors (Han)
  • Financial Statements: Three Things You Must Know
  • The Power of Diversification: Asset Classes 101 & 202
  • Investing During Recessions: Catching Knives Turning pain into Opportunities

Unit 8: Portfolio Management and Optimization

  • Building a Financial Dashboard (Vyzer)
  • Portfolio Snapshot and Analysis
  • Streamlining Your Portfolio with Automation and Tools
  • Market Conditions and Adaptive Action Plans
  • Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer (Estate Checklist)

Unit 9: Keys to Freedom and Beyond

  • Calculating Your Dream Life Cost
  • Expanding Passive Income Streams
  • Smart Spending and Wealth Preservation
  • Life Beyond Financial Independence: Purpose and Fulfillment
  • Die With Zero

Unit 10: Passive Wealth Tribe

  • Engaging with Investment Communities
  • Building a Network of Like-Minded Investors
  • Leveraging Expertise Through Collaboration
  • Staying Ahead: Continuous Learning through Webinars, Conferences, and More
  • The Next Steps: Hero’s Journey to $10k/mn and Your Roadmap to Perpetual Wealth Building
  • Reading List: The More You Know

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Start your journey to $10k per month passive.
  • Find your investment niche and create deal flow consistently
  • Build a Passive Wealth Machine that can live on beyond your lifetime
  • Build a team that leverages your vision and frees up your time


Control Your Future, Build Passive Wealth, & Do What You Love

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Passive Wealth Operating System is all about the systems and frameworks.

This is where we dive into the systems, the terminology, the things that you’re gonna need to essentially operate your investing, and maybe even your life. Start with vision, and we just start diving into your investment plan and thesis. The 80/20 rule, investment flywheel, budget management and cashflow models. 
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In Passive Wealth OS, accountability is your guide. Yeah, the word might make you twitch, but it’s not about being bossed around. It's about guiding your financial journey smartly. With frameworks in your toolkit, accountability is your compass - it helps you measure and fine-tune.
You’ll get your hands on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and goal trackers - your navigational charts. It's about asking: "Are we there yet?" and knowing what to do if the answer's "no." In short, accountability keeps your wealth-building journey on course.
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In Passive Wealth OS, once you have your KPIs, it's about scaling to grow your wealth efficiently:

  • Earn More to Invest More: Kickstart with side hustles, allocate dollars effectively, and use tech for efficiency.
  • Passive Wealth Machine: Uncover a key tool and establish your investment blueprint.
  • Wealth Multiplier: Employ compounding, diversify, and capitalize on economic downturns.
  • Portfolio Management: Track and optimize your portfolio using financial dashboards and automation.
  • Beyond Financial Freedom: Continuously expand passive income streams.

This step-by-step approach transforms your financial activities into a robust passive wealth machine.

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Passive Wealth Operating System is all about the systems but also the teams that will help you along your journey. "If everything relies upon you it dies when you die" 

Being part of a tribe, utilizing guides and mentors. Especially leveraging teams of experts like tax savings and asset managers. 

The whole reason we got into the Passive Wealth Journey was not to work more but to leverage systems and experts to handle the business. 

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Passive Wealth OS freedom is not just a byproduct; it’s a core principle:
  • Freedom of Time: Reclaim your time by letting your investments work for you, balancing work with passions and life.
  • Freedom of Purpose: Align your wealth-building  investments into a meaningful venture and freeing you to live into your purpose.
  • Freedom of Relationship: Build a network of like-minded collaborators to amplify your family vision and values.
  • Freedom of Money: Break free from earning limits by smart investing, keeping and growing your hard-earned wealth.
In short, Passive Wealth OS is your blueprint to intertwining wealth with purpose, empowering you with financial freedom, meaningful connections, and time to live fully.
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